so as you can see, i rarely use this blog anymore. if you want to follow my personal, send me an ask. i’m a fandom blogger. superwholock, harry potter, merlin, etc. and i also have a fandom dedicated blog for specifically books by Cassandra Clare, which you can also ask me about. 

The Trajectory of Dreams is a wholly original and fearlessly dark novel, an interesting combination of psychological thriller and character study. In Lela White, Wolverton has created one of the most haunting unreliable narrators I’ve ever come across. Lela’s illness is a curtain between herself and the world. She can see through only dimly. She feels and sees things others don’t — “A howling rose out of the pavement and wound around my ankles” — and Wolverton is at her best in her depiction of the queasy mismatch between Lela’s perceptions and what the reader knows or suspects to be true.
Emily St.  John Mandel, Just How Far Will She Go? Nicole Wolverton’s The Trajectory of Dreams” (via millionsmillions)

My book writing is obviously on a hiatus. I’m having a very busy summer and shall write whenever I can, as my school year will be quite busy as well. 

I hope you all don’t hate me, but I shall try to be posting things here as well— I haven’t been active for 2 months. 

Also, starting on the 21st of June, I decided to try and read 50 books by September 5th. I’m almost done! 

If you like The Mortal Instruments or The Infernal Devices series, check out my blog dedicated to those two. 

I’ve read 4 books in 50 hours. That’s including sleeping and eating time, so actually more like 30 hours. That’s 1,854 pages of book. I’m on the last one from the library trip I made 2 days ago. It’s 301 pages.

My mom has told me that she will not take me to the library until Tuesday and that’s if, and only if, I get some of my makeup work done.

There is something wrong with me hahahaha

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Would anyone from another country like to become pen-pals with me?


Meaning snail mail.

I’m from the United States. 

If you’re from a country that speaks a different language, even better! I’d write in English and you could write in your language and we could help each other learn. 

Well, preferably a latin-based language, though German is good too. 

This is from my personal blog. I’d love to do this with someone!

oh god.

real camp is in less than a month. i just thought about how many goddamn posts i’m going to have to queue in order for you all to still love me over the two week period.







omigod. my face. the heavens have opened and it’s pouring on my face.

I need a gun to shoot my monitor with…

Numero 30!

sebvael asked:

God, don’t even get me started. I don’t understand how anyone can have only one favorite song. Some songs I really love are:

  • Little Secrets- Passion Pit
  • Kiss With a Fist- Florence + The Machine
  • Low Road- Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
  • Home- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
  • Danny’s Song- Loggins and Messina

Yeah. Okay, there we go.

the-brilliant-loser asked:

My inspiration is… 

Well damn. I don’t even know how to put this simply.

I’m inspired by life. I like to people watch and create lives for them in my mind. I look at good deeds done by members of humanity and take inspiration in that. Love from my family. Support from my friends. Everything. There is inspiration to be found even in an unused canvas. 



I think the newer episodes are just as funny as the older ones.

wow fucking owned as hell



i honestly cannot deal with you people and your perfection

OMG ❤👏😍❤👏😍❤👏😍

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